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Norwest Contractors

If you’re looking to start veterinary construction in Portland, OR, Norwest Contractors is at your service. We’ve helped build countless vet clinics, animal hospitals, and pet salons for our furry and feathered friends, making sure to always include comfortable offices for the team.

Why us?

Remodeling and New Construction Experience

Want to build a new vet clinic from the ground up? Looking to add to your current spot? Need to expand your vet office but don’t know where to start? We can help. Our vet office construction team offers nearly three decades of experience building new vet offices and renovating current offices to ensure the best environment for our animal pals and your staff.


With our Smart to Finish process, we can help you avoid delays and keep your project on target. We’ll stay in communication at all times so that you know when it’s safe to open your doors and take in more dogs, cats, birds, and all of the other pets waiting to be seen. Creating a cozy, warm environment for the animals is our priority–as is staying on track with your timeline. 


Norwest Contractors’ customers get access to our state-of-the-art DesignLab™, a commercial showroom unlike anything else on the West Coast. You can evaluate the differences between materials, colors, and other design choices in person, which can help you pinpoint what will look best in your vet office.


The Norwest DesignLab™ is the only place on the West Coast where healthcare and business professionals, designers and architects can see, feel and touch the wide range of commercial interior materials and fixtures available for your project.

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WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

7235 SW Stephen Ln, Portland, OR 97225