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7 Components Every Retail Construction Contractor MUST Consider

Opening a retail store is no small feat — regardless of whether you already have multiple stores or are looking to open your first location. Every new retail store has its own unique challenges and setbacks. The best way to ensure your retail store goes from idea to completion as smoothly as possible is to hire the right retail construction contractor.

As a top retail construction contractor in Portland, Norwest Contractors knows the ins and outs of retail design and construction. Our team has worked with countless business owners to establish new locations, remodel retail sites, and build their storefronts from the ground up. Thanks to our experience, we know what it takes to be a retail construction contractor in Portland.

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Don’t Hire a Retail Construction Contractor Unless They Incorporate These Essential Elements!

Below you will find the must-have components every fantastic retail construction contractor needs to be mindful of.

1 – Tech Integration

Incorporating technology is a MUST for any retail location. Tablets, portable scanners, and other wireless devices make customer purchases, checking inventory, and other daily retail processes more efficient. Most of these technologies are not expensive, either. It just takes a little pre-planning to make sure charging stations, desks, and other areas give employees access to and full use of any implemented technology.

2 – Green Materials

Sustainable, ‘green’ materials are always worth looking into. Even if you can’t furnish or construct your entire store with green materials, there are some easy swaps you can make. For example, if you know you like a certain look or feel for countertops, why not explore green options? Your retail construction contractor should be able to identify green alternatives for the looks and styles that have already caught your eye.

3 – Outside Settings

Utilizing the outdoors as much as possible is more important than ever now for retail and restaurant locations alike. If you are able to incorporate outdoor spaces into your retail floor plan, this option definitely needs to be explored!

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4 – Proper Use of Space

In addition to utilizing outdoor space, you will want to maximize your indoor space as much as possible. If you are building your retail space from the ground up, this gives you the most freedom to implement the perfect floorplan, storage spaces, and overall layout. Your retail construction contractor can identify how to best work with a present layout or construct one from scratch to best serve the flow and purpose of your store.

5 – Adaptability

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that flexibility is the name of the game. Integrating adaptable furniture or architecture into your space will help improve your store’s longevity and overall success. With social-distancing guidelines and other precautions, it will best serve your business to prepare your store for anything — as much as you possibly can. Your retail construction contractor should work with you to maximize your space and ensure it is adaptable as possible for various layouts or conditions.

6 – Accessibility

In addition to adaptability, your store needs to be accessible for all persons. This is non-negotiable, both by legal and ethical standards. The best retail construction contractors keep accessibility in mind with every turn and spot possible problems before construction proceeds. Your store should be safe and accessible, with ramps, wide walkways, and elevator access, if necessary. Your retail construction contractor should ensure that your construction meets code and follows any accessibility laws that are applicable to your space.

7 – Personality

Last but not least, your retail construction contractor should incorporate your company branding, themes, and style into your overall interior design. The colors, art, and details of your store are what make it most memorable. The right retail construction contractor will know the best ways to utilize your branding and make your new store uniquely yours.

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Hire a Retail Construction Contractor | Portland, OR

Now that you know the top 7 components every retail construction contractor needs to be mindful of, you are ready to get started with your project! Norwest Contracting is here to help you get started or complete a project that may be stalled or facing challenges. With decades of combined professional experience, our team makes it easy for business owners to trust the process and feel confident in their final design and construction results.

We look forward to working with you and bringing your dream to life! Our experienced contractors know how to deliver results you will be proud of and love for years to come. Supporting small businesses in Portland and elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest is what we do best. Get in touch with us now to start building!

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