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October 29, 2020 | Invest in your practice

Recent development of our environment have led to thinking differently about our medical practice. Join us for a discussion on ways to expand your practice through real estate, technology and or other investments. Opportunities are more affordable than ever.


Michael Thompson, Vice President Veterinary and Medical Financing, Bank of America
Mathew Muller, Vice President Dental Financing, Bank of America
Angella Heiber, Business Development Manager, Norwest Contractors
Brian Norton, Vice President, CBRE Advisory and Transaction Services
Kevin Jamison, Equipment Specialist, Patterson Dental
Anita Olmstead, Equipment Specialist, Patterson Veterinary

Additional information shall be announced:

Event Details: 6 pm Livestream – link to be individually emailed per attendee as a follow-up after registration a week before the event.

Cost: Free