Whether you are building a new medical office space or looking to remodel an old one, hiring the right commercial contractor is crucial. Before you hire a separate design team, it’s worth considering a design-build contractor.

Design-build construction accounts for 40% of all commercial construction projects, and it’s a trend that has been growing for more than a decade. Unlike the design-bid-build delivery method (where one company designs the project and a contractor bids and builds it) the design-build method allows one unified team to both design and build the project, saving time, hassle, and costly surprises.

You want to work with a contracting company backed by an experienced, qualified and integrated team that can be your single source throughout the design and construction process. Working with one primary source to handle both design and construction helps keep the focus on the big picture and everyone on the same page. Design-build ensures a seamless transition from the design and planning stages through permits and into construction. And the right team will be there to guide you and answer your questions and any concerns every step of the way.

7 Benefits of Hiring a Design-Build Commercial Contractor


1. One Team On The Same Page

In a design-build process, the property owner and the design-build team works together closely. Everyone from the architects, designers, and engineers to the construction crew are on one single, integrated team, which keeps everyone on the same page regarding your project. This helps reduce obstacles, problems, and changes throughout the process.

2. Cost Savings & Clear Expectations

When you directly approach an architect firm for design plans before consulting a contractor, you run the risk that the design cannot be constructed within your budget. Then, you’re bidding the design plans out to multiple contractors, all of whom come back with bids out of your price range. At this point, you’re stuck with a beautiful design that cannot be constructed without a redesign or incurring unaffordable costs. The process can be needlessly disappointing and stressful. When you start the design process with a reputable and knowledgeable design-build contractor, you can rest easy knowing that the design and construction will integrate seamlessly, within your budget.

In fact, researchers at The Construction Industry Institute, the University of Texas at Austin, the International Group for LEAN Construction, and Penn State have each studied the impacts of design-build in commercial construction and agree that design-build is the most economical and efficient project delivery system in the construction industry today. In particular, the Penn State study found that design-build costs were at least 4.5% less than traditional design-bid-build projects.

3. Total Transparency & Accountability

The design-build method fosters a sense of transparency and accountability from the start. The design and construction teams are used to working together and trust one another to communicate clearly. After all, when you have one company responsible for both the design and build, careful attention is given to cost projections and scheduling during the design phase. This means you’ll save on construction costs, miscommunications, and hassles.

4. Faster Project Delivery

Unlike traditional construction projects, the design-build process benefits from a highly integrated approach from the get-go. This means all the aspects of your project–from pricing, design, and engineering to permitting and construction–occurs simultaneously, making for a faster and smoother project. In fact, design-build projects are constructed about 12% faster than traditional design-bid-build projects.

5. Increased Attention To Detail

When a design-build firm is involved and integrated on all aspects of the project from the start, the process becomes much more effective and efficient. This decreases the chance that details will fall through the cracks and ensures that your project is done correctly the first time.

6. Combined Expertise

When you hire a commercial contractor that specializes in design-build, you’re getting a firm that has expertise in both design and construction. When licensed architects, engineers, and building experts work together you gain tremendous expertise and experience under one roof.

7. Increased Client Involvement

When working with a design-build firm, clients are encouraged to be as involved as possible throughout the process. By working closely with one integrated team, you can better guarantee that your vision will be realized and that our project will be a smashing success.

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