Sunnyside Development


High tech executive Richard S. Hill purchased land in fast growing Happy Valley for a retail development. He opted for matching 4,600 square foot buildings with a shared parking lot. Building #1 would be the new home for Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital, while building #2 would be speculative and be divisible for up to three tenants. The project team formed a strong working relationship necessary to properly locate the twin buildings which required expanding the lot by constructing complex retaining walls, in addition to solving drainage issues.


Size: 9,200 sf
Architect: Guggenheim Architecture
Engineering: VLMK Consulting Engineers
Location: Happy Valley, Oregon
Project: Two 4,600 square foot shell buildings.


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OR License No. 89425
WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

7235 SW Stephen Ln, Portland, OR 97225