Storybook Dental


When pediatric dentist Ron Hsu decided to leave corporate dentistry, he wanted to create an office that would appeal to toddlers, 8-10- year-olds, as well as pre-teens. Dr. on a storybook theme that incorporates his love of Legos and would entertain his older patients without the use of electronics. In conjunction with the Norwest DesignLab his goals were met by creating a front desk that showcased some of his Lego collection, a 16-foot I-Spy case that keeps children clambering to find the hidden treasures, a moving bookcase that reveals a hidden room for his youngest patients, and a 15-foot hand-crafted tree that makes the 16-foot high operatory ceilings an adventure. His office has captured the imagination and fascination of all his patients.


Size: 2662 sf
Space Plan Firm: grayscale *works & Kim Mullen Architect
Interior Design: Norwest Contractors- Denyce Mulflur
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: New Dental Clnic

Client's Review

Client's Review

“I feel fairly confident in making decisions, but when they just come one after the other, it becomes a little daunting, especially concerning elements of the decisions that I am not knowledgeable with, and that’s where Norwest actually became a very wonderful partner, in that they bring in their expertise.

“I met with Mark very, very early on when I was selecting a contractor, and he’s a quiet, soft-spoken man, but extremely meticulous, and it just fit. I hate surprises, and I told him that right off the bat, and he was extremely detailed and meticulous in presenting everything Norwest can offer as well as telling me about the philosophy of Norwest.”

Dr Ron Hsu, D.D.S.
Storybook Dental, Camas, WA


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