Oregon Fruit


For 80 years Oregon Fruit was best known for selling canned cherries but over the past half-dozen years they refocused their business with dramatic results. Capitalizing on new ownership’s broad expertise, virtually overnight Oregon Fruit gained a significant share of the craft beverage market, while simultaneously multiplying its export and food service segments. Bursting at the seams and operating in several different buildings Oregon Fruit needed space and lots of it.

A 160,000 square foot production facility provided the opportunity to bring office and production under one roof, albeit with major interior modifications. Norwest was tasked with transforming into a new shared environment that encompassed current office design, and an enormous breakroom where both office and production personnel felt comfortable.

The exterior work reflected the pride in ownership by renovating the drab industrial decades-old look into a sleek, modern and sophisticated facade featuring tinted glass panels surrounded by a dark bronze aluminum storefront.


Size: Interior Office 8,000 square feet
Space Plan Firm: McKenzie
Interior Design: Norwest DesignLab
Location: Salem, Oregon
Project: Office/Industrial Renovation


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OR License No. 89425
WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

7235 SW Stephen Ln, Portland, OR 97225