Multnomah Endodontics & Microsurgery


Designing and building a new endodontic practice in Portland while living in Chicago presented some obstacles for Dr. Jay Bayat. After researching online resources, he shared his inspirational urban theme with Norwest. Then prior to each Portland visit, Norwest provided sketches that refined Dr. Bayat’s ideas, which also included material selections and design concepts from the DesignLab. Utilizing reclaimed wood panels, and a steel I-Beam transaction top was exactly the look Dr. Bayat wanted in his new Multnomah Village office.  The DesignLab was the key ingredient to what proved a successful long distance collaboration between Dr. Bayat and Norwest.


Size: 1724 sf
Space Plan Firm: Toni King & Assoc
Interior Design: Norwest Contractors- Denyce Mulflur
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: New Dental Clnic

Client's Review

Client's Review

“From the very beginning we were very focused on the budget, so working with Norwest, for me personally, it hit my comfort zone right away because I had never felt like I was being upsold with anything.

“From 2,200 miles away, I think over two visits and just a few emails we were pretty much able to design this whole office.”

Dr Jay Bayat, D.D.S.
Multnomah Endodontics & Microsurgery, Portland, OR


The Norwest DesignLab™ is the only place on the West Coast where healthcare and business professionals, designers and architects can see, feel and touch the wide range of commercial interior materials and fixtures available for your project.

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