Lewis Family & Implant Dentistry


Dr. Ryan Lewis’ dream of owning his own building was closer than he thought. In fact, he bought the building just across the street from his practice. Taking half the building for his new 3327 square foot dental clinic, Dr. Lewis went about completing the dream. The finished project reflects his hands-on involvement in all facets of the clinic’s interior. Entering the suite with its 11-foot ceilings; 20-foot long reception desk; cascading soffit for displaying dental products; contemporary design; and wide open feel is nothing short of spectacular. Given the proximity to his, then current office, allowed Dr. Lewis to be a frequent visitor, and to make the subtle tweaks during construction making his dream a reality.


Size: 3327 sf
Space Plan Firm: Toni King & Assoc
Interior Design: Norwest Contractors- Denyce Mulflur
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Project: New Dental Clnic


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OR License No. 89425
WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

7235 SW Stephen Ln, Portland, OR 97225