Kenton Animal Hospital


Drs. Nikki Graf and Lindsay Thurwachter co-founded Kenton Animal Hospital in North Portland based on a holistic approach that looks at a patient in their entirety to create a unique wellness plan by combining modalities from Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine. Working at the Norwest DesignLab the duo selected the materials, colors, and finishes that provided the patient comfort consistent with their vision.


Size: 1495 sf
Space Plan Firm: Sisu Design – Krista Pettis
Interior Design: Norwest Contractor- Angella Heiber
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: New Veterinarian Clinic

Client's Review

Client's Review

“Everyone I met through Norwest was amazing. From the very beginning, and then, to all the people you meet along the way, they are all supportive, they’re all there when you need them, they’re reliable, they communicate very well. They communicate even when you don’t know that you need that communication.

“Working with the design team was amazing. For me, it was the funniest part about the entire process. They had taken the time to listen to our visions and knew who Lindsay and I were and what our goals were for this space. We really wanted to create a welcoming environment that when you walked in, in the beginning of the day, you take a deep breath and enjoyed being in the space. They hit the nail on the head.”

Dr. Niki Graf DVM, CVA & Dr. Lindsay Thurwachter DVM, CVA, CVFT
Kenton Animal Hospital, Portland, Or


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