Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital


Dr. Thomas Mackowiak selected Norwest to construct his new Lloyd District clinic. Heartfelt’s mission to “always treat your pets as if they were our own” resonated so strongly with his patients that just two years later Dr. Mackowiak was out of space. For his major expansion, he again selected Norwest Contractors. Adding additional treatment rooms including a specific treadmill treatment room and throughout construction, patient treatment in the existing space wasn’t interrupted.


Size: 3,106 sf
Space Plan Firm: Toni King & Associates
Interior Design: Norwest Contractor- Denyce Mulflur
Location: Portland, Oregon
Project: Veterinarian Clinic Expansion

Client’s Review

“Having had such a positive experience with the first build out and knowing that we’re all on-
time and within budget and that the project turned out the way we envisioned it to be. Moving forward we started our business growing very fast and we immediately needed, after about a year or so, an expansion for the adjacent space. The transition was very easy and we feel like we did the right choice, moving forward and it turned out to be exactly how we want it to.”

Dr. Thomas Mackowiak
Heartfelt Veterinary Hospital
Portland, OR


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OR License No. 89425
WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

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