Animal Dental Clinic


Dr. Jean Battig, one of 153 Board Certified Veterinary Dentists in the world, interviewed three contractors before selecting Norwest to build her 3,300-foot clinic. As part of the project, Norwest and Dr. Battig teamed up to design and build her vision: a one-of-a-kind quadruple surgical island that allows two vets to work on four patients simultaneously. 


Size: 3,300 sf
Space Plan Firm: Toni King & Assoc
Interior Design: Norwest Contractors- Denyce Mulflur
Location: Lake Oswego, Oregon
Project: New Veterinarian Clinic

Client's Review

Client's Review

“Having this new space which is beautiful, large and functional is wonderful. Our staff, myself included, are happy and comfortable being here and I think that shows to our clients. Having this new space has allowed us to take care of the needs of the animal community much better.

We can facilitate getting in more patients that need our care. People feel very comfortable when they come in and when they walk into the back and it opens up into this large operatory where we do all our work, it’s quite impressive.”

Dr. Jean Batting, D.V.M.
Animal Dental Clinic, Lake Oswego, OR


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