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As Chiropractor Dustin Kollar searched for a larger location to meet the demands of his ever-growing practice, he was surprised the answer was much closer than he thought. When the 1960s era building next door came for sale, he enlisted Norwest for a design/build project to completely renovate and seismically upgrade the 4,000 square foot space using structural foam.

The soon-to-be renovated building would accommodate his practice, but the project faced an immediate challenge before any work started. The necessary time for drawings, permits and construction would run three months past his lease expiration. Working closely with the Hillsboro building department and the design team, Norwest was able to split the permit into three parts and stitch the project approvals together just in time.

The Doctor and his wife wanted the project to incorporate elements of their adopted home with the clinic interior featuring a strong taste of the Northwest. After demolition they found the finishing touch. The 50+ year old stacked wooden beams needed some sandblasting (ok a lot of sandblasting) but quickly became the focal point from which the balance of the design flowed.


Size: 3,953 sf
Architectural: Grayscale *works
Structural: Miller Engineering
Interior Design: Norwest DesignLab
Location: Downtown Hillsboro
Project: Renovated retail into medical office


The Norwest DesignLab™ is the only place on the West Coast where healthcare and business professionals, designers and architects can see, feel and touch the wide range of commercial interior materials and fixtures available for your project.

OR License No. 89425
WA License No. NORWEC1004RD

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