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Read This Before Hiring a Portland Contractor

Once you’ve decided to move forward with an idea for new construction, the hardest part is around the corner. Deciding which Portland contractor to work with can be just as difficult as committing to a project in the first place.

But, don’t worry! Norwest Contractors has been in business for decades, helping Portland business owners and managers construct the spaces of their dreams. We’ve learned a thing or two about what it means to be an upstanding contractor, and which steps benefit clients most.

In this article, we’ll break down some of the most common challenges Portland contractors face when working on various projects, and tips you can use to select the right contractor for the job. You will also have the opportunity to review our past projects at Norwest Contractors and get in touch with us if you’re ready to move forward with your build-out.

First, let’s discuss the challenges Portland Contractors fac. Then, we’ll look at the top qualities you need to look for in a contractor to ensure your project goes smoothly.


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Challenges for Portland Contractors

1 – Space

Portland is a beautiful place. However, the streets here can be quite narrow and difficult to work around. Depending on your desired location, you need to prepare for some inconveniences related to a lack of space.

2 – Deadlines

Arguably, every construction project must meet certain deadlines. However, setting deadlines and meeting them are two entirely different things. Contractors in Portland, and everywhere for that matter, must work diligently to meet client deadlines on time.

3 – Following City Codes

Portland has noise ordinance laws and a plethora of other city regulations that govern new construction and build-out sites. It is important for contractors and clients alike to understand and respect these ordinances. Make sure you research Portland city laws yourself and ask your contractor about any concerns you may have.

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How to Hire the Right Portland Contractor

Now that you know a little more about what you may be up against for your new build-out, it is time to find the right contractor. Follow the guidelines below, and you’re bound to find the right contractor in Portland.

Have a Plan

Even if you’re not 100% set on the final result of your build-out, it is good to have a plan or solid idea in mind. You should also have a rough idea of when you would like to complete your construction and a plan for any potential hurdles or setbacks.

The right contractor will perform their best work if YOU have a clear idea of what you want, and the final result you hope to achieve. Getting on the same page with your contractor starts with clear ideas and plans.

Know Your Budget

Before you find the right Portland contractor, you will need to determine your budget and stick to it! It is best to have a range you are willing to work with, just in case any mishaps or unforeseen expenses arise.

If you are clear on your budget before choosing a contractor, you’re more likely to avoid disagreements or miscommunications.

Check that the Contractor is Insured

Insurance is a MUST for any contractor. If you come across a so-called contractor that doesn’t have insurance, it is best to run the other way. Insurance not only protects the contractor, but it also protects you.

Review Past Work

Your future contractor should have plenty of examples of past projects. A portfolio is the only way to verify that you are dealing with an experienced professional. You know you are facing a shady contractor if they are unable to provide any references, positive client reviews, or pictures of construction projects that were followed through to completion.

Don’t hesitate to ask a contractor about their past experiences and for real-life examples to put your mind at ease.

You can check out some of our past projects HERE!

Interview Your Contractor

Schedule a consultation with a contractor before making any kind of contractual commitment. Any professional contractor in Portland should listen to you, address your concerns, and make you feel comfortable about moving forward. If you feel your questions are not answered properly or you feel uncomfortable, it may be time to move on to a different contractor.

Prepare some questions ahead of time and take as much time as you need to determine if a given contractor is the right fit.

Get a General Timeline

Once you’ve finally decided on a contractor, it is wise to establish a general timeline for how your project will progress. Of course, you may not be able to predict every possible roadblock that may come up. However, together with your contractor, you can determine how these speed bumps are addressed as they come up.

A worthy Portland contractor will understand how important it is for projects to be completed on time and work with you to establish and reach your goals.

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The Norwest Difference

Norwest Contractors is a trusted resource in the Willamette Valley for businesses that want to redesign or build their business from scratch. We are diligent in seeing you through every step of the building process. Our insured contractors have years of experience and impeccable attention to detail. All of the things you are most worried about when it comes to your build-out will disappear with our team by your side.

Let us help you build the space you have been dreaming of!

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Work with Norwest Contractors | Portland, OR

Ready to construct a new office space, medical clinic, dentist office, or retail space? Norwest Contractors in Portland has your back! We cover everything from design to completion. Learn more about our DesignLab, our process, and our contractors. We commit to your vision and deliver the outcome you deserve.

View our past projects in and around Portland over on our Portfolio Page!

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