No one likes bad surprises, and yet it seems as if the majority of the construction industry is created just to make unfortunate surprises happen. In this way, Norwest Contractors differs from the industry standard. Our goal is to give you all of the information about anything that will increase costs, extend your timeline, or affect construction right at the beginning of the project – before we start the actual design/build process.

A Real-Life Design/Build Experience

Dr. Ron Hsu of Storybook Dental shared his experience with our “no bad surprises” philosophy in a recent interview. He said:

“I hate surprises, and Mark was extremely detailed and meticulous in presenting everything Norwest can offer.
“I appreciated the fact that everything was up-front, and that Mark built extra money into the budget in several areas where he told me that, “Well we can spend it all if you want to go extra-fancy, or we can spend less of it and then we’ll move this money to some other part of the project.” I really, really appreciated that. And, true to form, by the time it’s all said and done, even with the changes orders that have happened throughout the project, what was told to me and what we actually spent was pretty much within about $5,000 to $8,000, so you can’t beat that.”

The main way we work to prevent cost overruns and surprise fees and delays is by providing our clients with a thorough estimate in our Know Your Building assessment. This gives every client an in-depth look at what is necessary to bring their vision into reality. This type of detailed look at your project is not commonly offered in our industry – going against the idea that the cheapest bid is the best. Here’s what Dr. Hsu has to say about cost considerations he took into account before engaging Norwest:

“When I first engaged Norwest, I also consulted with a variety of colleagues and friends within the community who had built dental offices, asking them who they used. I told them that I was considering Norwest, and all of them said something like, “Oh, they’re really really good, if I could only afford them.” Then I would inevitably ask them, “So how much did you save with your contractor?” and they’d say, “Oh, it was quite a bit cheaper,” and I would ask how they liked it. Every one of them hated it. They all disliked their contractor one way or the other.
“Several of them fired their contractors halfway through their project and talked about the various change orders, the various surprises, and the amount of money that it took to cover those surprises. In my head, I was adding things up, and going, “Well, maybe Norwest isn’t that expensive after all.” Because after all is said and done, it sounds like they all spent about the same amount I did. “

Are you planning to build your first dental office? Here’s advice from Dr. Hsu:

“For doctors who have never built before, I will say, ask questions. Norwest can provide a lot of detailed answers for you. Also, be prepared to make some decisions because you are going to have more options than you would ever think possible.
“I would also say that, as you consider different bids that are coming in, look at the number of details that they provide. Many companies can give you a bid that looks absolutely attractive from a financial perspective, but if the details are lacking, be prepared to shell out another $50,000 $80,000, $120,000, because things come up that you just would not expect.
“Finally, have a vision. Communicate your vision clearly, and if your team gets that vision and are excited about it, you’ll do fine.”

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