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Essential Tips for Medical Office Construction | Norwest GC

Medical office construction can be challenging. Floor plans must incorporate essential tools and machines while still appearing inviting and calming. Offices must also ensure patient privacy, cleanliness, and safety. Pursuing medical office construction and design requires great attention to detail, creativity, and proper planning.

At Norwest Contractors, we’ve helped multiple companies across the PNW create and build medical offices that increase patient comfort, allow for efficient workflows, and incorporate all the essentials one might expect in a clinic or other medical office. It takes a great deal of planning and experience to manage medical office construction, but the outcomes make the endeavor well worth it.

In this article, we’re detailing our essential tips for creating a medical office that brings together all the right elements. Ultimately, your medical office is meant to serve one purpose — to facilitate comfort and healing. Keep learning for ideas you can keep in mind as you pursue your medical office construction in Portland or elsewhere in the PNW.

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Effective Medical Office Construction: Our Top Considerations

In this article, we’re reviewing the top considerations you need to take into account for your next medical office construction project. Gone are the days of building sterile, intimidating, or boring clinics and hospitals. Follow these guidelines below and your next medical office construction and design is sure to ‘wow’ your patients.

Focus on Cleanliness & Safety

When you work with your contractor on your medical office construction, cleanliness and safety should be incorporated into the design from the start. You will need to consider handicap accessibility, adequate space in waiting rooms and patient rooms, CDC guidelines, and even things like sterile rooms and restricted areas that are closed to the public. Start with these important considerations first, and then focus on how your design can be most effective for everyday workflows and patient comfort.

Reduce Patient Stress

It is no secret that our environment affects our mood. A traditional, stark white waiting room with dated artwork and old magazines does not conjure reassurance for patients that may be quite anxious. Between the wall color, finishings, and design elements, you can positively impact the patients at your future clinic and increase the likelihood that they will return if they need help.

One of the easiest ways you can reduce patient stress through your medical office construction and design is by using the right colors.

How to Pick the Right Color for Your Medical Office:

  • Avoid painting the walls stark white. If you insist on a traditional look, go with an off-white or tan color that is not as blinding as plain white.
  • Incorporate blues and greens into your design. Green promotes healing and is reminiscent of nature, while blue is calming and promotes harmony.
  • Consider your target audience. If you primarily serve women at your clinic, a more sophisticated design might work well. Whereas a children’s clinic can incorporate wild colors, animal murals, and other fun elements that kids find appealing.

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    Incorporate the Outdoors

    In addition to the right colors and textures, plenty of natural light and indoor plants can help make the space feel more friendly and inviting. If you can’t incorporate natural light or live plants, consider artwork or murals that help expand the space and make it feel more like a natural environment. Even a small water fountain at the reception desk can add an element of nature that looks, feels, and sounds calming. These little details can make a big difference.

    Create the Right First Impression

    Ultimately, the goal of your medical office construction and design is to ensure your patients come back year after year for a check-up, or whenever they need help. Even the smallest hiccup in a medical office construction process or final design can make it easy for patients to make excuses not to schedule appointments.

    It is easier to ensure patients keep coming back if the design is conducive to a great first impression and a calm experience. The most effective medical office construction designs incorporate hospitality, comfort, AND professionalism all-in-one.

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