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Reasons to Choose

Norwest Contractors as Your Construction Partner

With 28+ years of clinic construction experience, Norwest Contractors is proud to be your trusted partner for medical office construction in Portland, OR. We design clinics, pediatric offices, and other types of medical facilities that cater to patient comfort and provide an efficient workflow for staff.

What makes us the best contractors for the job?

Fast and Transparent 

Building a medical office requires a fair deal of planning, strategizing, and most importantly, communicating. Our medical construction team is quick to design and build medical offices, but we’re also transparent.

We’ll stay in touch with you about your project from day one, helping you to monitor costs and scheduling so that you can save yourself time, money, and hassles.

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Evidence-Based Design

One thing many people don’t realize is that there’s a lot of science in design, especially as it relates to medical office construction. Our evidence-based design practices can help save employees time, speed up patient recovery times, improve safety, elevate visitor satisfaction, enhance patients’ experiences, and decrease the chance of medical errors.

We’ll keep your team apprised of any medical office building requirements and see you through the project until the end to ensure your satisfaction.

State-of-the-Art DesignLab™

Our DesignLab™ is the only commercial showroom of its kind on the West Coast. The hands-on, interactive experience allows you to truly envision what you’d like your medical office building to look like and hand-select every element, from the materials to the paint.

The DesignLab™ takes your vision to the next level by helping you to visualize all that your medical office can be.

Tips for Designing the Ultimate Medical Office Building

Making Your Healthcare Building High Quality and Functional

When it comes to medical construction, one of the best things you can do is work with a designer who understands how to combine aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Medical offices should be comfortable, safe, and accommodating for patients, including everything they need and extras only when they add value to the patient experience or to employees.

To get the best medical office, work with your designer closely to plan for sufficient seating, restrooms, and more. Also, don’t forget the value of natural light and site selection. The location you choose for your healthcare facility is almost as important as the overall design and construction.

Medical clinic exterior design
Chiropractic Treatment Room

What to Consider for Your Medical Office Building Design

Essentials for Your Healthcare Facility

Here are some things to think about and questions to ask your healthcare construction contractor during the build-out:

  • Patient Privacy: How can we promote the best patient comfort?
  • Seating Options: What types of seats are necessary? How many seats will you need?
  • Size of Waiting Room and Examination Rooms: Do you have enough room for patients to bring additional members of their families if needed?
  • Natural Lighting: Is there enough light coming in from the outside?
  • Location: Are you located in a high-traffic area?


The Norwest DesignLab™ is the only place on the West Coast where healthcare and business professionals, designers and architects can see, feel and touch the wide range of commercial interior materials and fixtures available for your project.

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