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How to Reduce Medical Clinic Construction Costs | Portland, OR

Medical clinic construction is not for the faint of heart — especially when it comes to costs. Luckily, there are plenty of things that companies and contractors can do to mitigate the high costs associated with medical clinic construction.

Thanks to decades of combined experience in the industry, Norwest has learned a lot of tips and tricks over the years that help keep medical clinic construction costs low — and help contractors and clients alike keep their sanity intact!

Medical clinic construction costs a considerable amount to complete. Most companies can expect a final bill of at least 1 million or more. Multiple factors contribute to the initial and ongoing costs of any medical clinic construction. But the good news is, if you keep reading, you can learn a few secrets that will help keep your costs as low as possible.

In this article, you will learn:

  • Effective strategies for medical clinic construction cost reduction
  • Budgeting ideas that will help keep costs in check
  • How to prepare and account for unexpected expenses

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5 Ways to Reduce Medical Clinic Construction Costs

Take a look at 5 ways you can reduce medical clinic construction costs below. Through a little planning and preparation, you can stay on top of your budget and avoid paying more than you should.

1 – Create Efficiency through Design

You can help reduce the costs of your medical clinic construction by embracing efficiency in your design. Especially when it comes to healthcare clinics and medical facilities, efficiency is critical for day to day operations, but it can also be helpful at cutting initial construction costs.

Consider how you can maximize your clinic space and an overall flow that will allow for maximum patient and employee comfort, while also reducing wasted space. Working closely with your designer and contractors will ensure that your new space is efficient and promotes full use of your space.

2 – Look for Alternative Materials

While granite countertops and other pricey materials may look nice, it is crucial to weigh the costs and benefits of such materials. If you want to save money, consider other materials that are just as durable and visually appealing, but not an eyesore for your budget.

Your contractor will be able to help you choose from a variety of materials and finishes. Be sure to convey that cost-savings are important to you, while still maintaining a professional look and feel. With how many options there are to choose from on the market today, you should have little trouble finding the right materials at the right price.

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3 – Aim for Standardized Designs

If you are looking to save on your overall medical clinic construction costs, don’t try to reinvent the wheel. There are dozens of standardized medical clinic layouts and floor plans that you can go off of that are tired, true, and likely to save you money compared to a wholly innovative design that requires a lot of complex architecture or groundwork.

4 – Plan Wisely

Saving money on your medical clinic construction costs starts with proper planning. Before you dive head first into materials, locations, and all the other endless decisions you will need to make as your construction progresses, make sure to have some kind of plan. Of course, not everything will go according to your plan exactly, but it is a good starting place.

You should have a clear idea on how much you would like to spend and where. Work closely with a financial planner or advisor to ensure that your expectations are clear in terms of cost-benefit and expenditures. The right financial planning from the start will ensure every dollar is put to good use and no money is wasted.

5 – Communicate Often

As your medical clinic construction progresses, you will likely work with multiple agencies, contractors, and entities to make your plans come to life. It is important to communicate often with your team and ensure that everyone involved in the process stays in the loop.

Don’t hesitate to email or call frequently to relay messages, updates, and other memos. Clear communication will be highly effective when it comes to staying on budget, saving money, and seeing your project through to completion.

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The Norwest Difference

Norwest Contractors is one of the top medical clinic construction contractors in Portland. We walk our clients through every phase of the construction process, including design and architecture, to the finishing touches. Our medical clinic construction in Portland always follows current codes and zoning laws, as well as evidence-based design principles that make caring for patients streamlined and efficient.

Through our innovative, one-of-a-kind DesignLab, our clients experience materials, textures, and design features all in one place. Brainstorm with all of the design materials you could wish for right at your fingertips and enjoy expert assistance from our team at Norwest. With DesignLab, planning and executing your medical clinic construction in Portland is both easy AND fun.

Medical Clinic Construction | Portland, OR

If you are eager to start your medical clinic construction in Portland, Vancouver, or elsewhere in the metropolitan area, Norwest is ready for you! Get in touch with our team today over on our Contact Page to let us know more about your construction plans.

Check out some of our past projects on our Portfolio page. We have designed and built dozens of medical clinics, veterinary clinics, restaurants, and other facilities in the metropolitan area. If you are planning medical clinic construction in Portland and have yet to find the right contractor, Norwest is your go-to resource.

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