Construction Challenges in Portland Oregon


Portland is a great place to be, and seeing as many move from around the country and from different parts of the world to be here, few would likely disagree. It’s a beautiful area surrounded by gorgeous mountains and lush green trees. When it comes to remodeling and construction projects in the area, it’s important to find a general contractor that knows the area and is familiar with the building types and local regulations and building codes.

As would be expected with other regions of the country, Portland and Vancouver have their own unique set of construction challenges. First, consider the seasons and scope of work for a project. How long will it take to complete a construction project, factoring in possible delays and setbacks? Knowing how the weather will be starting the project and how it will change throughout the project is a good factor to keep in mind. How will this project affect business? In addition the contractors must be prepared with the proper equipment and conduct all of the proper inspections keeping all of the potential factors in mind.

Building age and style are another important factor to consider. Having experience with the common building types and with some of the older properties characteristic of parts of Portland is immensely important. This working knowledge and experience greatly impacts how the project turns out. Getting the appropriate inspections for the building age and type are important. Additionally, the contractor’s ability to foresee potential problems based on prior experience and navigate these projects masterfully makes a world of difference.

Best Construction Practices & Project Approach


The best contractor process is extremely in-depth. From the very beginning, the ability to examine any building you are considering and give a detailed understanding of any challenges that will be encounter during construction, and how much tackling those challenges will cost is extremely important. This not only starts you out in the right building for your budget, it gives you negotiating power. This can save thousands of dollars up front and even more down the road.

The Norwest Approach to Portland Construction Projects


Once the building is identified and the lease or purchase contract is signed, it’s time to move onto the Design-to-Budget step. In this step you work with our designers or your own to create your space and discover how far your budget can stretch.
Our goal with every step of this process is to avoid expensive, time consuming surprises during construction. So, with the “Know Your Building” baseline budget, you know the cost of the basic construction components necessary to meet your space requirements. Then the Design-to-Budget™ process brings this baseline budget and your design dreams into alignment. We use our DesignLab™ to help in this process as our clients can come in and see, feel, and compare materials, finishes, and fixtures to help them decide what materials to use and to effectively collaborate with our designers.

With us, you are able to take your design dreams and run with them. We help you to stay on budget by providing cost effective options that meet your project goals.