A Unique Commercial Design Resource

If you are designing and constructing a new office space, medical facility, gym, retail space, or another commercial outlet, you likely have felt out of sorts — to say the least.

Luckily, we are here to help.

It is no easy feat to create something new, especially if you have yet to undertake a major construction or design project before. At Norwest Contractors, we work with veterinary clinics, dentists, medical agencies, retail outlets, restaurants, and other local businesses to bring their visions for redesign, construction, or remodel to life.

How do we do it?

Through a wholly unique and invaluable tool — DesignLab™

What is DesignLab?

Whether you are starting a construction project from scratch or redesigning your current space, DesignLab is a place where your ideas gain traction and your vision board emerges into reality.

DesignLab first opened over a decade ago in January of 2010. It is the only resource that allows you to see, touch, feel, and experience a range of different building materials and fixtures to consider for your interior or exterior design project.

The hands-on, interactive experience allows for collaboration between your team and ours. In this rich environment, creativity, practicality, and preference meet. In our DesignLab, you will collaborate with designers, architects, and other professionals to bring your vision to full fruition.

Forget endlessly pinning ideas on your Pinterest board that eventually lead nowhere. DesignLab takes virtual vision boards one step further by letting you experience these ideas, textiles, and materials firsthand and in-person.

DesignLab class in portland

Facilitating Creative Design

The primary goal of DesignLab is to facilitate the creation of functional, appealing, and aesthetic interiors while taking your budget and preferences into account.

With DesignLab, our clients can streamline their entire design process without hindrances and time-wasting or repetitive meetings. DesignLab allows you to devote up-close and personal attention to the design elements of your project.

Dive into our DesignLab in more detail:

Installation Gallery

When you first walk into our DesignLab, you will notice an array of textiles, materials, prototypes, and interior design elements throughout the space. In our installation gallery, you can see, touch, and compare cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, finishes, and other products.

We find that when our clients see, touch, feel, and work with these materials in hand before finalizing their design decisions, they are far more content with their outcomes.

Women looking at designs

Streamline Design-to-Budget™

Design-to-Budget™ is how we operate. We take your ideas, combine this vision with your budget, and facilitate the creation of a project that is both within your means and your design expectations.

Control the Design

With DesignLab, you are in full control of your design. We collaborate with you by advising on material benefits, color schemes, and other elements of your design. You can expect to make more informed decisions, a faster process from conception to completion, and a finished project that will make you proud.

Control the Budget

We know better than most that it is easy to get carried away with design. With most of our clients sticking to tight budgets and schedules, we aim to empower you to make the right decisions for both design and budget. At DesignLab, you engage in the decision making process on a direct level. Touching, seeing, and feeling the materials for yourself makes it easy to determine which elements of design will fit your vision AND your budget.

A Design Learning Environment

Education is a big part of what makes DesignLab so unique. We take the time to teach you about the various products, brands, and materials you might consider in your design. Through every stage of the process, we welcome your questions and are eager to teach!

Industry professionals, manufacturers, and designers hold seminars, workshops, and presentations in our DesignLab. There is much to learn when it comes to design. Whether you are interested in product development, industry trends, or the psychology of design, we have a workshop for you.

Join a Community

DesignLab is the perfect place to meet our team and join our passionate and experienced community. Whether you attend a seminar or browse through our DesignLab for some inspiration, you will love Norwest and the opportunities waiting here for you.

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Portland’s #1 Design Resource

DesignLab is the only place on the West Coast where business professionals from every vocation, designers, and architects can see, touch, and experience a broad range of interior materials. Our unique methods have made us one of the most successful design companies in the region.

You won’t find any hassling here. We respect your time, budget, and vision, providing the guidance you need to bring your vision to life.

Check out what some of our recent clients had to say about working with us:

Honest, conscientious and professional people. Very experienced in their field and have enough experience to know where problems can happen, and steer their customers to a positive outcome. We have worked with them for over 17 years on many varied projects all with a great outcome. Use them once on your project and you will never use anyone else again. – Sunrise Signs, 5-Star Review

We love our clients! With DesignLab at your fingertips, along with our talented and experienced crew to guide you every step of the way, you will love your final outcome.

Check out some of the recent projects we have worked on in Oregon:

Sunnyside Veterinary Hospital

The Oregon Clinic Portland Dermatology

Lunchbox – A Waxing Salon

Storybook Dental

Lugano Cafe

Unique DesignLab for professionals

Visit Our Design Lab!

If you are interested in seeing and experiencing DesignLab™ for yourself, contact our office. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 re-openings across the state. We hope to see you in our DesignLab™ as soon as possible. Visit our DesignLab™ page for a glimpse of what you will experience.

We look forward to helping your business grow and partnering with you on your project.

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