Norwest recently completed a project for Dr. Jay Bayat of Multnomah Endodontics and Microsurgery. Norwest works with many dentists specializing in everything from family dentistry to endodontics. These highly trained specialists are often hoping to create a friendly, professional atmosphere that is easy to access – but they rarely look at the nitty-gritty construction challenges like asbestos or faulty plumbing as they search for the right building or workspace. That’s where Norwest comes in.

Building Your Project from Beginning to Completion

Our process is extremely in-depth. From the very beginning, we are able to examine any building you are considering and give you a detailed understanding of any challenges we will encounter during construction – and how much tackling those challenges will cost. This not only starts you out in the right building for your budget, it gives you negotiating power.

Dr. Bayat told us: “I don’t think, as dentists, we consider the nitty-gritty like HVAC. I didn’t know how much that costs, so being able to identify issues before getting the lease agreements was key. Mentioning these issues saved me thousands and thousands of dollars, and allowed me to assess the value of the lease.”

Once the building is identified and the lease or purchase contract is signed, it’s time to move onto our Design-to-Budget step. In this step you work with our designers or your own to create your space and discover how far your budget can stretch.

Our goal with every step of this process is to avoid expensive, time-consuming surprises during construction. So, with the “Know Your Building” baseline budget, you know the cost of the basic construction components necessary to meet your space requirements. Then the Design-to-Budget™ process brings this baseline budget and your design dreams into alignment. We use our DesignLab™ to help in this process as our clients can come in and see, feel, and compare materials, finishes, and fixtures to help them decide what materials to use and to effectively collaborate with our designers.

In Dr. Bayat’s case, we were able to take his design dreams and run with them – helping him to stay on-budget by providing cost effective options that still met his project goals.

“There were a few things that I wanted to do that were a bit more expensive and they told me it would probably look better if we did it a cheaper way. For example, I was thinking with more of a shiny finish for the wood behind the counter, but it actually looks much better matte, so that saved a lot more money than you would think.”

Finally, we get into the construction. With so much planning and preparation, construction is rapid, on-schedule, and on-budget. There is no need to wait for lengthy delays, no need for expensive change orders, and no anxiety. Your project moves smoothly forward with no bad surprises.

ADA Compliance

At Norwest, we work with dentists in practices big and small across the Portland metro area. With our years of experience in creating unique dental offices, we know to consider both the standard construction challenges and every factor that would make an office compliant with the American Dental Association.

As Dr. Bayat says: “On a scale of 1 to 10, I would rate Norwest as a 10…. It showed in the organization and inspections. You just hear a lot of horror stories where a project is seven months to a year behind because of inspections and ADA compliance. Norwest knew it to a T….They would know the technical specs of everything and that’s really valuable in a dental office because you could pay a lot of money correcting problems later on. I know from talking to other people that those codes aren’t always understood and valued by some other contractors. Then you end up paying for it.”

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