One of the things our clients most often tell us is that they can’t believe we completed their work on time and on budget. It’s much more common to go over budget on a commercial remodel or rebuild, with several change orders submitted during the process and construction that drags on and on. However, at Norwest Contractors, we know that the “standard” of cost and time overruns during a construction project is entirely unnecessary.

How Norwest Contractors Tackles Traditional Construction Budgeting

Norwest Contractors operates differently than any other commercial construction company with our trademarked process.

Know Your Building™

It begins with our Know Your Building™ assessment. During this in-depth evaluation, our experts evaluate the building in which your construction project will take place. We examine every aspect possible to provide a full report of existing site conditions, cost estimates on repairs, permitting information, and more. All of this knowledge gives our customer a baseline budget, laying out the essential components needed for the project, along with any additional non-construction expenses.

The Know Your Building™ assessment gives project budget and construction estimation information up front before construction begins. Our clients have leveraged this information into getting a better cost on a building purchase, negotiating a more favorable lease agreement, or getting a new building all-together.


The next step in the Norwest process is our Design-to-Budget™ methodology. We utilize your project budget to ensure we tackle the basic construction challenges discovered during Know Your Building™ and incorporate your design goals in the process. Our in-house designer and construction team work together to create a beautiful design that your budget can support.


As part of the process, our clients utilize our one-of-a-kind DesignLab™ commercial showroom. This is a space in which our customers can meet with our designer and touch, see, and compare specific aspects of their design. DesignLab™ takes the guesswork out of our designs, allowing customers to feel completely comfortable with the construction process before it begins.

These processes support Norwest’s goals of staying on budget, keeping construction costs down and completing projects on-schedule once construction begins. We have mapped every step of the way, and all our crew has to do is follow this guidance to keep the project on time and on budget.

Working With Norwest General Contractors

Many clients who approach us have their own field of expertise that has nothing to do with construction. They simply have an idea of the look they want, a brand, and a budget. However, they don’t know what that budget will truly afford.

We approach commercial construction differently than most general contractors. Our in-depth planning and inspections are done at the outset – well before construction begins so that our client can create an accurate project budget and make decisions accordingly.

With all of the in-depth planning, design, and budgeting completed at the front end of the process, construction can start without a hitch. Our project manager and construction manager stay in touch with the business owner through every step of the construction process, keeping the client up-to-date with construction progress as the build moves along.

Our goal at the end of every project is for our client to have a beautiful, functional, and productive space in which to do the work they are passionate about – with the grand opening occurring on time and within the project budget. Many of our past customers have told us we succeeded in this.

One such customer is Yan Duan of Renew Aesthetics who said, “My experience with Norwest was exceptional. It was a great experience. From the very beginning, the estimate was well identified. The price was very, very clear, including all of the fees.”

Another client is Dr. Thomas Mackowaik who told us, “There were no big surprises. There were no big expenses that we didn’t count on. Nobody came up at the end with an additional bill of thousands, of tens thousands of dollars. We were really within the budget.”

If you’re looking for a team that has your back from the beginning of the design process through the build and completion of your project, you have found us! Contact Norwest Construction today to get started on your commercial design-build journey.